About MID, LLC

We love sawmill guys, because we are sawmill guys. We've seen miles of boardfeet pass through our little mills, and moved mountains of sawdust for the fun of it. We love what we do, but we know that it can be done better.

Mill Innovations and Design LLC. was born out of a need to solve the unique challenges of a busy, working sawmill in Millersburg, Ohio. We didn't want yesterday's solutions. We didn't want duct tape fixes, or jenky repairs that cost lots of money and broke down every other day.

MID wanted to ditch the "way its always been done" to provide new ways of looking at situations, and new tools to solve tomorrow's problems. Instead of looking to the centuries old saw mill tradition, we looked to other industries for fresh answers to the obstacles we face everyday.

That's the kind of forward thinking that allowed us to create our new Automatic Timber Stacker, and the system that feeds it. It is this kind of thinking that will feed new innovations for your sawmill in the years to come.