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TS-4000 Automated Tie & Timber Stacker

The TS-4000 Automated Tie & Timber stacker eliminates employees, reduces injuries and workman comp claims by removing the back breaking physical labor from stacking cross-ties and all large timbers. Made in America, the TS-4000 is a must for sawmills that produce railroad ties, cross ties, matt timbers or any large flitches.


  • The TS-4000 does not require the hiring of any extra employees.
  • The TS-4000 handles the job of stacking ties and timbers in any configuration you decide, continually bundling and stacking until a full load has been completed.
  • The Railroad Tie Stacker shuts off the parts of the machine that are not needed at that moment, saving your mill money as it cuts down on electrical demands.
  • The TS-4000 can be monitored remotely, either via a wired control assembly in a nearby room, or wirelessly via smart phone or tablet.
  • The rugged design and the keep-it-simple electronics of the TS-4000 means that this machine will run continuously without a mechanical complaint or technical glitch.
  • The TS-4000 reduces the fees paid to Worker's Compensation by improving the safety of the sawmill environment.

See the TS-4000 in action!

TDA-1220 Mat Assembly System

The TDA-1220 Mat Assembly System allows every sawmill currently producing mat materials to begin the profitable addition of manufacturing mats. The TDA-1220 will handle timbers up to 12" x 12" and 20' in length. This simple two operator machine will produce 40 or more ready to load mats in a single eight hour shift. This self-contained unit is simple to install and only requires 110V single-phase power to trim to length, drill and assemble profitable mats.


  • Powered Infeed Deck & Infeed Roll Case
  • Air actuated hydraulic drill
  • Carbide tipped drill bit with build-in counter bore
  • Slasher saw incorporates an Oregon 53cm Harvester bar with a .404 pitch chain
  • Fully electronic control panel
  • 18” waste conveyor (build to your spec.)

See the TDA-1220 Mat System work!